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My Issues

I want to be a new voice on the Montgomery County Council and these are my principles


Job Growth

Lagging Montgomery County job growth makes all our other problems worse.  Montgomery County government must actively remove burdensome taxes, fees, and regulations that send our local jobs to Virginia, DC, and other surrounding counties.  Local job growth ultimately reduces tax increases, traffic, and supports the local housing market.  Local job growth ultimately supports the quality of our schools.


Our civil faith is about believing in the future and re-learning to trust our institutions (when they earn it).   This is the idea that in Montgomery County we can always work to make things better, but that progress will come less by government action than the way we the people choose to live every day.   It puts parents and families in the forefront of making Montgomery County a better place to live and work


Family is the first welfare institution within Montgomery County.   Family and extended family takes care of our children, prepares them for school,  puts them to bed safely at night.  Family takes cares for our elderly.  Montgomery County must work with and supplement families with the consent of parents.


Community is the care, concern and respect we extend to our neighbors and what we receive in return.  It is about safety and the expectations of safe streets and home.  Community safety should be the number one concern of Montgomery County government.  Long Term planning for county development of our homes and businesses (the Thrive 2050 Plan)  should be revised and County Council voting on the plan delayed until after the November election.   


Work is central to our self-respect, to the welfare of our families, and to the betterment of our communities.  The issue returns to the need for increasing local job growth in Montgomery County

Thrive 2050 - Big Changes for Single Family Homeowners in Montgomery County

Thrive 2050 is a new long term plan for Montgomery County now awaiting approval by the County Council.   It threatens many of the assumptions we've had about single family ownership and neighborhoods in Montgomery County.  I call for the Council to delay voting on the plan until after the Fall election.   There's too much we don't yet know.   Why rush the adoption of this long-term plan.  Background article on the Issue

Community and Dan Cuda for Montgomery County Council 2
Zhenya Li,  Treasurer
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